About Us

RSTSpices Shop,

We selling Thai Spices, Curry Paste and Tea sine 1992.

RSTSpices Shop is a privately owned family business that has been in operation for over 20 years. as retailer spices, We care about quality, selection, packing, especially quality products for our customers as well as known customers. At Chatuchak Weekend Market as well.

RSTSpices Shop (Photo from 2012)
This image from 2012

Our goal is to provide the best products for our customers to receive high quality products.

We hope, We will see you soon please feel free to contact us or shopping on our website here: let shopping


Our Shop Now after Fire accident last Year (2019) So if you comfortable to come we are at the same place or you can add QR CODE to Contact US,

RSTspices Shop 2021


See you.